Turning our clients supply chain into a value chain

Supply chain has turned into a strategic function because of the added value it generates. In a global economy, manufacturers need a logistic partner able to offer solutions that maximise their competitiveness

As GEFCO we consider our mission is to guarantee security and ensure continuity at an international level by designing more competitive and robust multimodal transport services. By bringing project-tailored solutions and operational excellence to our customers, we have developed extensive knowledge of their sectors and their specific needs. Our expertise in logistics engineering, our worldwide coverage and our ability to integrate with all business areas are the cornerstone of our offering. The standards we develop both independently and in conjunction with our partners focus on guaranteeing the operational quality of services in all of our projects across the globe. We understand that the visibility of shipments is crucial to our clients so we have interfaced our information systems with theirs in order to be able to provide real-time information feedback. Our organisation is also designed to best anticipate manufacturer’s needs: our sales teams are segmented by market and each project is managed by a specialist account manager. These continual efforts have earned us a place among the top 10 logistics integrators in Europe, and as number one in Europe for Finished Vehicle Logistics.

As a global logistics integrator, our sights are set on becoming the world leader in industrial logistics. That is the focus of our geographical and cross-sector diversification. We are currently channelling our efforts into improving our transport offers with the opening of new rail corridors, the main one crossing Eurasia. In parallel to this, we focus on international development with new branches in Serbia, Greece, Thailand and Vietnam. Additionally, our strong presence in Russia and Central Asia is something that already sets us apart and that we are keen on continue developing. All of this is through an intercontinental network of 160 road transport agencies, 85 air and sea transport agencies, 55 warehouses, 85 customs clearance points across the world, which we have built to assist our clients with their plans to go international.

Our strategic 2020 Horizon plan gives a new lease of life to this. In it, we commit to a sustainable process of continual improvement, driven by the men and women of GEFCO, and the demands of industry and technological progress.