Sustainable Development

Respecting fundamental human rights, reducing the ecological footprint left by our activity and supporting the local economy are essential CSR commitments which form the basis of the GEFCO group policy for growth.

  • The GEFCO Group operates a corporate social responsibility programme to improve the ways in which we work with our employees, clients and partners, in line with the legislation of each of the countries in which we operate. In 2014, there were already 29 subsidiaries and 2 joint ventures governed by our global framework agreement on corporate social responsibility.

    A global internal commitment

    The principles, rules and values that motivate us are formally set out in the ‘Rules of Operation’, which apply to GEFCO globally. Both the group and our employees are committed to:

    • Respecting fundamental human rights
    • Respecting our clients
    • Respecting our suppliers
    • Respecting privacy
    • Combating harassment and unacceptable behaviour
    • Adhering to hygiene and security rules
  • Since signing the UN’s Global Compact in December 2009, GEFCO has put a lot of work into making sure we adhere to the Ten Principles on Human Rights, labour standards, combating corruption and protecting the environment. This work is reflected in our Group values which are: engagement, commitment to service, solidarity, innovation and transparency.

    As part of our drive to align our CSR efforts with the most stringent of rules, we regularly submit our practices for evaluation by our external and internal stakeholders.

  • GEFCO’s environmental policy is both a cost-reduction strategy and a catalyst to improving practices, both for performance and continuity. GEFCO incorporates five main objectives in this environmental policy:

    • To reduce our environmental footprint through comprehensive environmental management. The environmental management plan covers all of the Group’s business areas, each with specific objectives and indicators. The reduction of greenhouse gases is one of the main challenges addressed by this policy.
      To respond to the demands of the Grenelle Environment Forum, GEFCO has set itself an ambitious goal: to have an emissions growth lower than our revenue figure. To do so, we have identified three key action points: promoting alternatives to road travel, improving the performance of our fleet of vehicles and making drivers more responsible through eco-driving courses.
    • Preserving resources and reducing waste.
      Our environmental management plan sets specific objectives to reduce the consumption of water and energy, and the production of waste. We encourage our branches and subsidiaries to develop eco-friendly practices and initiatives to reduce water and energy consumption.

    Waste management

    Across all countries where GEFCO has a presence, we recycle on average 72 per cent of our waste. Our progress in this area is constant thanks to the standardized management processes put in place to complement local initiatives and the sharing of good practices.

    • Encouraging our sub-contractors to be more responsible.

    Part of our selection process for suppliers is identifying how they perform when it comes to the environment. For example, our hauliers must commit to only using vehicles that comply with the Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards.