The GEFCO Group aims to demonstrate its values in the work it carries out around the world. The Group’s priorities are to successfully integrate every employee and guide them along their career path, while at the same time adhering to ethical and responsible policies.

1/ Benefit from our international outlook

With our international presence through 41 subsidiaries, we want to strengthen our global presence and develop our logistics expertise in areas of strong growth.

To achieve these aims, we rely on the expertise of our employees and we are always looking to recruit the best talents in our key business areas.

Your assets for working abroad

  • Proficiency in foreign languages,
  • Specialised experience in the field of logistics,
  • Knowledge of information systems.

2/ Your personal development is our priority

Developing the competencies and potential of our employees at every level, across all of our business areas is an important requirement for the expansion of our group.

Whichever GEFCO site you work at, we guarantee you the same level of training and the same content.

Your personal progress contributes to the success of the Group. Because the demands of our manufacturers are always on the increase, we are committed to regularly refreshing your skills to adapt to the new challenges of our business. 

You will have ongoing support throughout your career through our cross-disciplinary training. For example:

  • Negotiation,
  • Project management,
  • Team management,
  • Security,
  • Information systems,
  • Foreign languages,

3/ Health & Safety are a prerequisite for our daily working standards

At GEFCO we set ourselves apart in the world of logistics through a culture of responsibility formed by our experience in the industry. The Group’s team spirit contributes to instilling and spreading our values and principles of ethics across the globe.

Our working conditions on site are designed to guarantee your safety and well-being. To achieve this objective, GEFCO works in close collaboration with social partners.

In 2010, we formalised our occupational risk management policy by adopting a Safety Management SysTem (SMST). This approach involves managers, employees and subcontractors: it makes all of the Group's stakeholders accountable with regards to risks, and teaches them to ensure their own safety and the safety of those around them.

4/ Employing disabled people: a proof of our choice of diversity

We are convinced that diversity is a major source of social wealth and competitiveness. As a result, we strive to achieve this through equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practices in recruitment, as well as in training and career growth.

We conduct a pro-active policy to promote integration and job security for disabled employees, through raising awareness and training campaigns for managers and all staff.

Some examples of steps taken by the Group are:

  • In France, signing of a disability agreement in 2008. Employment of disabled people, which is growing constantly, represents four per cent of our workforce to date,
  • Raising awareness among managers on the integration of disabled employees within GEFCO Argentina,
  • Partnership between GEFCO Czech Republic and a manufacturer of office furniture that employs disabled people,
  • Collaboration between GEFCO Germany and the government for adapted working equipment or safety equipment (for example ergonomic chairs).

5/ We are committed to professional gender equality

  • Encouraging gender mix in its business areas, guaranteeing equal pay, allowing men and women to develop under the same conditions,
  • And guaranteeing equal access to professional training are of utmost importance for GEFCO.